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Meeting Giada?

Hey everyone,
I'm about to meet Giada in a couple weeks at a Q&A session/book signing here in Scottsdale, AZ and I was just curious if anybody else around here has met her (especially if it WAS at a book signing) and how it was. I'm sure she's amazing, but I was just curious to hear about other people's experiences meeting her because I'm a little nerrrrvous!
Thanks in Advance!
So I met her and she really was incredible....
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Giada's Picks...

So I always get emails from Borders Books about various things coming out and coupons and all. So the latest one I got has Giada's new book in it and some other info pertaining to her. Borders had Giada pick her "shortlist"...her top five books, CDs, etc so here they are...

1. Continuum by John Mayer
I never get tired of listening to his music. He has this really cool voice that transcends all moods—I listen to him when I work out, when I'm on a plane, or just doing work around my house.

2. Name All the Animals by Alison Smith
The story is one I could really relate to, as someone who has dealt with the love for and loss of a brother and the subsequent grief that you've had to pull yourself out of. It's so well-written and equally poignant.

3. Little Miss Sunshine
I loved this movie because it had all the makings of a good film—it made you mad, sad, happy, and it made you laugh. It was refreshing, dysfunctional, and normal all at the same time.

4. The Notebook
It's such a romantic story. I shed happy tears every time I watch it.

5. Loose by Nelly Furtado
It's great work-out music and makes you want to get your groove on.

I thought her picks were cute! I also got an email saying that she is going to be at some of the Borders doing book signings. None in my area (Chicago) but if she is in your area you guys should definetly go see her!

April 10 5:00 PM Philadelphia Borders-Wynnewood

April 13 12:30 PM Minneapolis-St. Paul Borders-Minneapolis

April 16 6:00 PM Dallas Borders-Dallas

April 19 6:00 PM Los Angeles Borders-Century City

April 23 7:00 PM Phoenix Borders-Phoenix

Have a great night!


Mar. 31st, 2007

A couple of days ago I went to my friend's house for a fabulous dinner party. I helped her put together the menu but, because of my laziness, she did all the cooking. Cheese Tortellini in Light Broth (sooo good). Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice, fabulous! And for dessert, get ready for this one kids, Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries, Ohhhhhhhh. Myyyyyyyyyy. Gah. It's so good you'll probably have to change your pants after eating it. I highly suggest making it. The best part of the whole night (aside from the panna cotta) was all the amazing company we had. It was such a great day made better with such amazing food!

Giada's Fried Chicken recipe

I wanted to say that I tried Giada's fried chicken recipe from her Family Dinners cookbook. It turned out really well. As she mentions, the secret ingredient is the lemon. It's not overpowering; you hardly taste it. But it still adds a slightly different taste to the chicken (in a good way).

Two pics of the finished chicken are beneath the cut.

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New Book

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to remind you that Giadas new book Everyday Pasta is available on April 3rd. I am very excited about this new cookbook of hers...I love all the pasta dishes she makes!


I thought I would take advantage of the potential Food Network fans in this community and let everyone know about the community I just created.

Do you like cooking? What about the Food network? If so, I have the perfect community for you to join!


This community is a place for LJ users to share their food-related graphics, experiences, recipes, ideas, etc. Please feel free to check it out! Thank you. :)

Mar. 24th, 2007

Giada is my absolute favorite on Food Network. I also love the quality of her show and the way it is put together; the film is so clean and crisp!

I just thought I'd let everyone know that I recently made some icons featuring the beautiful Giada and you are welcome to use them if you would like.

Comment and credit if you take any please. Thanks!


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[3] Avatar (#9 & #11 animated)
[3] Becoming Jane
[7] Shrek III
[4] Giada De Laurentiis

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Chefography Week

In case you guys didn't know this week on Food Network is Chefography Week. They have specials on the celebrity chefs background and bios. Giada's airs on March 22 at 8:00 PM/EST, March 23 at 3:00 AM/EST and March 25 at 4:00 PM/EST. I'll definetly be watching it! You can also check out Foodnetwork.com for the dates and times of the other Food Network chefs!

Since I love Giada and just recently found this community and it needs to get more active I figured I would post the pictures of Giada that I got to take with her when I met her last weekend at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. :D




Please ignore the ugliness of me, especially compared to the beautiful Giada. XD

I just want to say that she definitely did not disappoint me one bit. She is exactly like she is on television, a wonderful, sweet, and amazing person! :)

*edit* I fixed the links. I'm sorry >_<.